Working on personal strengths is not a waste of time, unfortunately, it is often not enough

What kind of resources I need for the job

Which ones do I have and know how to use?

Which ones do I have but don’t use well?

Which ones do I need to obtain?

What do I think is an asset when it is, in fact, a liability?

In 2020, it is already clear to everyone that the attitude it’s all in your head is nonsense.

Personal responsibility and commitment are important. Working on personal strengths is not a waste of time.

Unfortunately, it is often not enough.

If you are “stuck” in life and business, whether you are looking for a job, want to change an existing one, start a business, or want to emigrate, it is important to consider how you stand with important life resources:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Energy
  • Contacts
  • Applicable knowledge and
  • Favours you have done for others

The most important facts you should consider for each resource will be covered soon on our website. If you still need help with a specific situation, it’s probably best to talk to a business or financial consultant.

Milana Vrgović