Why do many entrepreneurs and freelancers lose money (due to not treating their customers well enough)?

Why is it hard to take care of our clients needs

Why do many entrepreneurs and freelancers lose money due to not treating their customers well enough?

Let’s be honest… There are those who can afford not to take care of clients. They are so in demand that they definitely choose both customers and working conditions. Many of us know such a designer, an infertility treatment doctor or a professor of an exotic language. However, this is not the case for most: the competition is real, it affects the demand for services. Therefore, it often takes more than the quality of a product or a service itself to be chosen. As well as well-paid.

The problem is, with a large number of business owners, “making customers happy” does not come naturally for them. If you believe that you are one of the entrepreneurs or freelancers who would benefit from “more work”, ask yourself if any of these problem causes might apply to you:

  • As a customer, you are not used to good treatment yourself.
  • It is not a part of your educational background – so in most cases it does not even cross your mind.
  • You are aware that it would be good to work on “customer service”, but you are not sure how much the effort will pay off, because it does not seem easy to measure the results – and therefore you would rather spend money, time and energy on something else.

However, what usually makes profit is not a fantastic product or a service – it is the experience a client has with you. Whenever they can choose, clients will pay those who make them feel great.

Milana Vrgović