Many things can be blamed for failure and one can be right

Is it enough to be only talented

How many times have you had the chance to meet a depressive youth in their twenties, for whom everyone had hope while in their early adolescence? Someone, whom everyone would label – unsuccessful, though they should be?

The same things happen to a lot of young people all over the world, regardless of the place they are from and the so often-mentioned social condition which they live in.

They do not have a good, stable source of income. They don’t make money. They merely exist and wait for time to pass. Complain a lot. They do not feel capable of coping with business or academic challenges. Because of their tendency to whinge and their often unjustified or at least excessive (self) criticism or cynicism, they spoil interpersonal relationships to the extent that many begin to avoid them.

And everyone would say that their great potential is clear to see. They are intelligent in a way that is more than obvious.

What’s happened to them?

People whom one would instantly describe as untapped potential are mostly talented. Interesting. Intelligent. Often eloquent, or at least unusual.

But they are not truly autonomous.

Eric Bern, the founder of the popular psychoanalytic theory and method of therapy Transactional Analysis, described an autonomous person as someone with the capacity for three things:

  • Awareness
  • Spontaneity
  • Intimacy

The young people we are talking about have not developed all three psychic abilities sufficiently for unhindered functionality in the (business and academic) world. Therefore, it is very likely that they will spend their limited energy and resources on the first most important thing to which their ego is attached.

Dealing with themselves.

And there are not many things that drain us more than finding ourselves and answering the question: Who am I.

If you feel stuck in such a situation and you don’t see which way to go next, it’s probably best to talk to a business counselor or therapist.

Milana Vrgović