What is actually a problem in business?

What is the biggest problem in business

…and where should we think for a while before we do anything?

There are many situations when superiors expect us to solve something urgently. However, it often turns out that it was not so important, and even less urgent or dangerous. Unpleasant situations are created, the level of stress and frustration is raised and the working day is ruined. With more such workdays, some are already on their way to leave their jobs – which they normally like and are good at.

It would be very helpful if you’d be able to recognize what the real problems are, and when ordinary situations (though not pleasant ones) cause bosses to make an unnecessary fuss. Then you will realize that these are just accompanying parts of your work; if your boss sees this as a problem, it is important that you keep in mind that the problem is hers or his, not yours. You probably won’t change your superiors, but it’s possible that you’ll be less frustrated yourself and stop unnecessarily wasting energy.

  • So something does classify as a problem if because of that:
  • We have a weaker performance at work, ie. we contribute less.
  • We spend more of ourselves than we should.
  • We are late

If you have the impression that there are too many problems in your daily business and you are no longer confident in your ability to assess the situation, then it’s probably time to talk to your business advisor.

Milana Vrgović