We easily forget how failed expectations affect others

How we lose our customers

Not meeting their expectations – which we have created ourselves.

We easily forget how failed expectations affect others. Someone is given a wonderful experience once, and then it is forgotten the next time around. Thereby, most people do not feel that they have the right to complain because there were no promises made.

For example, at a beauty salon, the first time you go you are treated to a cake and a coffee upon arrival. The second time you come you might get just a coffee after more than half an hour; on the third visit you are taken for granted and forgotten.

This is much worse than if the first coffee with cake had not taken place.

Many have forgotten that the key to the success of brands such as McDonald’s is absolute consistency. They always meet our expectations, regardless of what we think about their products.

And in such a chaotic world, met and exceeded expectations are what people lack – and that is what they are willing to pay for. And keep paying for.

Milana Vrgović