Is talent really a myth?

Is talent really a myth

Is talent really a myth? When is there hope to improve? When do we waste time?

Just as we were once thought to be “born” and “predestined” for things, it is popular today to say that talent is just a myth. It is claimed, without almost any doubt, that 10,000 hours of adequate training are enough for absolute mastery in any skill.

Even without going into details: that time can mean 1,250 days with a full eight-hour working time, when you would likely not be able to deal with any other (say, profitable) business seriously. Or more specifically: about 3.5 years without weekends and holidays. Or at least 5-6 years with them.

That is why it is not a bad idea to first understand what a talent is and then maybe to lower it to the level of a myth.

Talent is not an inborn skill. But it is acquired really early – it is a set of around 3 deep-seated characteristics,and attempting to alter them later on in life is often difficult and unprofitable. Perhaps the easiest way to imagine it is as a pattern or a matrix in our ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, which is constantly repeated. And since it is so “natural” to some, or comes spontaneously to them, it can be very effectively applied in the workplace.

One is usually unaware of these processes – they do not know how the talent developed, because its factors developed early in childhood. That is why they see their talent as a worldview, a filter for the stimuli that one perceives, ignores, likes or dislikes.

Therefore, it is better to develop skills and make use of talents.

And if you don’t know how to utilize any of this potential, it’s probably best to talk to a business advisor.

Milana Vrgović