Hire those who naturally do what you need

Motivation of employees

For business owners and everyone else who has responsibility over employees: here is why you shouldn’t spend too much energy motivating your employees.

Because employees are not children. They work in accordance with the values and habits they acquired long before they started working for you.

Because experience has shown that it is a great and unnecessary consumption of energy.

Because the basis of any business contract is an exchange between certain activities and financial or other assets. If you need to invest more than that, then the other party does not stick to the agreement. And your energy is wasted where it shouldn’t be, instead of being used to improve the business itself.

Why employ people who constantly need to be reminded to do things, controlled, fostered? Rewards, support and gratitude are completely different things. Micromanagement rarely yields good results. It means that you could do your employees’ work yourself.

That’s why it’s a good test to let people do their job and wait. It will surprise you how much their IQ goes up when they can do their job unhindered.

The point is in hiring those who naturally do what we want to be done and whose attitudes we don’t need to change.

You don’t need the others.

If you have trouble evaluating the people who work for you or you often happen to have employees who need too much encouragement, it’s probably time to talk to a business advisor or hire an HR expert.

Milana Vrgović