Ask yourself what you find worth your time and effort

How to figure out what you want to do in your life

What is the most important thing to know if we want to do what we love?

Everyone wants to do what they love, even if they prioritize financial stability or have some other kind of ambition. Besides, it is easy to spot highly intelligent 30 or 40-year-olds being fed up with everything and wishing they only had to do what they love.

The problem is, most people are not really sure what “doing what one loves” really means. And until they do, they won’t stop searching for some kind of magical activity that would fulfill them and fill their lives with happiness. It is probably the reason why so-called pursuing your dreams has been so lucrative in the past few decades.

Asking almost any of those happiness-seekers what they would most like to do at the moment, frankly speaking, would probably be lying on the beach or drinking cocktails. Or something like that. That’s why it is extremely important to know that “doing what you love” does not mean “doing what I feel like doing at this moment”.

It means doing something worth our time and effort.
What do you value:

  1. A job you know how to do well

  2. A job that contributes to someone else’s well-being

  3. A job that brings you various benefits

  4. Or is it what most people are guided by until they think a little more in depth: a job that entertains you and gives you instant gratification?

If you are not sure how to answer, and you are frustrated with the current business situation, it is probably the best idea to talk to your business advisor.

Milana Vrgović