2 ways to start doing the job you love without financial risk

How to make money from the job I love

How do you wisely move to your desired business situation from your current one?

It is not fair to take people literally when they say “not everyone can do what they love”. It is fair to understand their fear: that, by doing the job they desire, they would not be able to support themselves, provide for their family and ensure financial stability.

I believe that there are more ways to make money from a job that brings us satisfaction. However, if we want to be practical, there are two basic paths that lead to the possibility of doing a job one loves, but without sacrificing peace of mind:

  • Organic
  • Parallel

With the organic path, you continue to do the work you have been doing so far, slowly moving on to something else. It is possible when you have a good job, when you are in demand, and when what you want to do is not a completely different profession. A programmer can switch to a designer and a GP to a psychotherapist, but an economist will have to choose another path if they want to practice gardening.

  • A parallel path is needed when the job you want to do has nothing to do with what you are currently doing. It has several options:
  • You have a regular (9-5) job that does not draw too much energy from you, so you can dedicate yourself more to an important hobby (desired activity).
  • You are engaged in a current job while you study, improve in another job and develop it.
  • You are trying to reduce the workload of the first job over time, providing you have saved some money (or if the second job has started to make a profit). The hardest but safest of the “paths”.
  • The other extreme is: you work extremely hard at your (highly paid) job, until you gain some kind of passive income (either from being a laid-back manager, business owner, or a wise investor). At some point you have all the time in the world to do what you want. A rarely achievable option, but the dream of many.

If you are not sure where to start, it is probably the best idea to talk to a business advisor.

Milana Vrgović